US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches (Future I-69)

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US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches (Future I-69) From FM 343 to 1.2 miles north of US 259 in Nacogdoches

CSJs (Control Section Job Numbers): 22560-01-085, 0175-07-059, 0175-07-060, 0138-06-046

In-Person Open House:
Nacogdoches County Exposition & Civic Center
3805 NW Stallings Drive
Nacogdoches, TX 75964
Tuesday, May 17, 2022
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This virtual public meeting consists of presentation materials explaining the study purpose, alternatives being analyzed, and the process for evaluation. The virtual public meeting will be live from May 17, 2022 and will remain available online through the comment period deadline of June 1, 2022.

Meeting Purpose

  • 1 Inform the public of project status and present recommendations.
  • 2 Describe the project so the public can determine how they may be affected.
  • 3 Provide the public the opportunity to contribute input.
  • 4 Develop a record of public participation.


To provide a written comment at any point, click the “Comment” button at the top right of your screen. You may close the form to continue through the slides. Once finished, please make sure to hit “Submit” to confirm that your comment is sent. Please provide comments by Wednesday, June 1, 2022 to be included in the official record of this public meeting.

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Study Overview

Where is the study and what is involved?

Study Location

The US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches (Future I-69) study area limits include US 59 from FM 343 to 1.2 miles north of US 259 in Nacogdoches.

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Study Need & Purpose


US 59 does not meet current interstate standards

The US 59/US 259 interchange is inadequate for current and future traffic volumes which results in:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Reduced mobility
  • Increase in traffic crashes


Bring US 59 and the US59/US259 interchange to current interstate standards:

  • Making US 59 a controlled access roadway
  • Reconfiguring the interchange to improve connectivity, reduce congestion, and increase mobility and safety

Traffic Growth

Traffic is increasing in the US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches project area, leading to worsening traffic conditions and higher levels of congestion. Traffic in the project area is expected to increase 70% from 2020 to 2050. In addition, on average, 25% of the traffic volume is truck traffic, and that number is expected to grow. This project proposes to upgrade the existing US 59 roadway to meet interstate standards, which will provide a controlled access roadway increasing efficiency and improving connectivity for Nacogdoches and the surrounding area.

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Traffic and Safety Analysis

Within the project limits, the US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches interchange has a high concentration of crashes. From 2016-2020, there were 161 total crashes in the interchange – three of which were fatal crashes, and nine of which were serious injury crashes. 78% of total crashes occurred in daylight, and 22% of total crashes occurred in the dark with limited or no lighting. The proposed upgrades to the US 59 interchange would also focus on safety enhancements such as reconfiguring the US 59/US 259 interchange and providing a raised median along the US 259 project limits, both with the goal of decreasing future crashes.

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Typical Sections

The current roadway is a four-lane roadway that varies between an undivided median with two-way travel lanes, and a divided median. It also includes 10-foot outside shoulders and no pedestrian connectivity.

US 59 Existing Typical Section: North of US 259

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US 59 Existing Typical Section: South of US 259

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Alternatives Evaluated — Typical Section

Analysis began with the two alternatives shown on this slide which were designed to meet the project need and purpose and required design criteria such as control of access, number of lanes, shoulder widths and the inclusion of a shared-use path. The direction of roadway expansion was assumed to be from the center of the roadway.

Alternative 1 would provide a concrete barrier-divided section and Alternative 2 would provide a depressed grass median section. Variations in the alternatives include the width of medians, inside shoulder widths and the amount of right of way required. Information regarding the potential effects of the alternatives that were evaluated are included on the next slide.

Alternative 1

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Alternative 2

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NOTE: Typical Sections are preliminary for feasibility evaluation. Typicals will be refined as the project progresses.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternatives Evaluated - Impact Analysis

The project team conducted extensive analysis on the potential alternatives for the US 59/US 259 North Nacogdoches interchange which is shown in this table.

Several evaluation criteria were studied, all centering around potential project impacts associated with Alternatives 1 and 2. Potential impacts evaluated include a number of environmental and social/economic resources such as: residential and business structures, waters of the US like wetlands and streams, and various types of land use – developed, which includes residential, commercial, and industrial land, grassland, mixed pine/hardwood forest, deciduous forest, and conifer forest. In this table, you can see the data and number of potential impacts as a result of each proposed alternative.

When evaluating the alternatives, the project team considered the extent of impacts each alternative would have. After analyzing Alternatives 1 and 2, the project team studied Alternative 1 further to see if impacts could be minimized even more. By shifting the roadway expansion to the left in some areas instead of from the center, TxDOT modified Alternative 1, TxDOT’s preferred alternative, which we are presenting to you to obtain public feedback.

US 59 Potential Impacts Units Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Modified Alternative 1 (Preferred Alternative)
Total Length 13 13 13 2.9
Proposed Right of Way 1 7 9 5 52.8
1. Potential Displacements and Relocations
Residential (structures) Number 13 13 13
Commercial and Miscellaneous (structures) Number 9 11 8
2. Traffic Analysis
Average US 59 Ramping Level of Service (LOS) LOS A/B A/B A/B
3. Hazardous Materials
Potential hazardous materials sites within 1 mile of roadway centerline Number 1 1 1
4. Cultural Resources
Historic Age Properties Number 35 32 32
Potential National Registry of Historic Places eligible properties Number 0 0 0
5. Potential Jurisdictional Waters of the U.S., including wetlands
Streams Linear Feet 1062 1356 1058
Wetlands Acres 0.6 0.6 0.6
Ponds Acres 0.3 0.5 0.3
6. Floodplain
Area in floodplain Acres 0.2 0.3 0.2
7. Vegetation Communities 2
Developed (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) Acres 13.7 14.8 14.1
Undeveloped (Wetlands, Ponds, Grasslands, Mixed Pine/Hardwood Forest, Deciduous Forest, Conifer Forest) Acres 39.5 44.8 38.7
8. Threatened and Endangered Species 3
Federally listed species occurence within 1.5 miles of the study area Number 1 1 1
State-listed species occurence within 1.5 miles of the study area Number 1 1 1
*This information is draft and subject to change.
1 Total does not include existing right of way.
2 The vegetation data comes from the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) Ecological Mapping Systems of Texas (EMST).
3 The species data comes from TPWD Texas Natural Diversity Database.

Proposed Improvements

Modified Alternative 1 (Preferred Alternative)

The proposed project would include:

  • Construction of barrier-divided mainlanes that consist of four 12-foot-wide travel lanes, two in each direction, and 10-foot-wide inside shoulders and 12-foot-wide outside shoulders
  • One-way frontage roads that consist of two 12-foot-wide travel lanes with a four-foot inside shoulder, a 10-foot outside shoulder
  • A shared use path throughout the project limits
  • Reconfiguration of the US 59/US 259 interchange to provide new direct connector bridges for northbound US 59 and southbound US 259
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What's Next

Study Timeline — Subject to Change

Project Timeline Click to enlarge

The project timeline is as follows. The data collection stage occurred beginning in fall 2020 where site visits occurred, the roadway plans were reviewed, as-builts and the right of way abstract map were created, and utilities were contacted.

Between 2020 and May 2022, the project team analyzed the different alternatives. The team developed alternatives and an environmental constraints report, as well as the evaluation matrix. In addition, the project team is soliciting input on this analysis and the proposed project during this public meeting.

From June 2022-2024, the project will be in schematic design & environmental study stage. During this stage, the team will review public input and coordinate with local agencies to begin development of the schematic and environmental studies. Once the schematic design and environmental studies have been completed, TxDOT will hold a public hearing to present and solicit comments on the schematic and environmental documentation. After analyzing feedback from the hearing, TxDOT will make final revisions and submit the schematic and environmental document for approval from TxDOT Division. Upon approval of the schematic and environmental document, which is anticipated in late 2024, TxDOT will complete the right of way mapping.

After obtaining schematic and environmental document approvals and completing the right of way map, TxDOT will begin the right of way acquisition process, relocation of utilities and development of the detailed engineering plans and estimates. The right of way acquisition process and relocation of utilities is anticipated to take approximately three to four years. Construction is currently scheduled to start in 2029.

Information on Right-of-Way Acquisition

Information about the right-of-way purchasing process including topics such as appraisal, compensation and relocation assistance may be found at and by searching “US 59/US 259 North.

How to Submit your Comments

Please submit your comments regarding this Public Meeting by using any of the five methods below by our deadline, Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

For general questions about the presentation or the project, please contact TxDOT Project Manager, Jennifer Adams at or via phone at 936-633-4383.

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